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      Stereotypes machine production line in the production process will evaporate a lot of hot exhaust fumes, causing the workshop smoke, chimney smoke, the exhaust gas not only affects the health of employees, but also destroys the living environment around the plant, resulting in high levels of pollution.

          New industrial fume exhaust gas purifying apparatus according to Taiwan's technological improvements, for a variety of industrial exhaust fumes governance. Fulfilled requirements do not leak smoke in the workshop, no leakage, the chimney does not smoke, the purification efficiency of more than 95%, the final move to cleaner production requirements.

          After the adoption of the exhaust gas cooler condensate LZD-40 access a new and efficient Tubular plasticizer smoke electrostatic purification devices, air volume is L = 40000 m3 / h, purification efficiency greater than 90%, this recovery is designed for static purification treatment of industrial soot and smog design, there are quite mature and reliable technology and products for treatment of different types of industrial fumes associated with mature experience and electrostatic mist eliminator equipment. Also, to ensure the purification efficiency of electrostatic purification devices, before entering the purification device set a pre-filter to remove dust, fibrous material.

          Static clean recovery structure: Electrostatic Filter from the body panels are gas discharge electrode, corona electrode, dust collection tube, high voltage insulation systems, drip bucket, high-voltage rectifier transformer, electric control cabinet and other components.

      How it works: the gas enters the electrostatic purification devices, electrostatic field generated by a high-voltage rectifier transformer, the gas particles are electrically charged, the role of energy in the electric field, gas ionization emit electrons to form positive and negative ions, so that the directional movement of charged particles, eventually adsorbed on the tube, through the action of gravity fall gathering, plasticizers achieve recycling purposes.